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Pokemon: Grimdigo Plataeu

Gotta love Pokemon and its' worldwide appeal. The way that the series can be so light-hearted, but still have serious elements without going full Edge is pretty nice. You know what could improve that, though? A bit of full-blown edginess.

When nothing is going good for Ash anymore, he throws his soul away, leaves all of his pokemon at oaks lab, and becomes the most feared entity in the world, now half monster, He has learned to control aura perfectly. Chap. 11 finally up.

There we go.

This story is Darkness in his heart, Tri edge ash, by Azure Ash. As you can probably surmise, it's about Ash being evil. And also mastering that aura ability he's displayed in... one movie and, I dunno, two episodes max? Why do the writers never remember the one time he went Super Saiyan, as well...? Aside from it being incredibly stupid, of course.

So yeah, edgy Ash. Let's do this.

A Pokémon trainer from pallet town had become loved by many, especially those who he had traveled with. He had ebony hair and serious auburn eyes that blazed with confidence and determination. He was always upbeat and carefree, but 2 years ago, when tragedy struck, he descended into chaos and darkness

I can immediately call bullshit, because this fic implies there's an actual passage of time in the anime! ...Granted, I'm sure the anime's mentioned time passing as well, but it's totally lies because goddamnit Ash you're like 30 now.

He disappeared from the circuit for 2 years and formed a team of three who had perfect control over a power known as aura.

Good thing he happened to run into two people with the same ability and were partial to villainy.

No one, even his friends were aware that the boy they cared for so much was now an entity of pure evil.

Show's how much they pay attention!

He carried two short swords that had 3 blades on each one.

Well that's just inexplicable and massively silly. How do those swords have three blades each? Are there just, like, two branches on the blade? Are there three blades wedged into the hilt?

From the moment he appeared, he was given a new name, the name of the entity strikes fear into the hearts of many, his name….. Tri-edge!

Maximum scary. Wow. So terrifying.

So that was a thrilling prologue, huh? Guess we'll move on to the main story now.

It looked like the perfect day in Celadon city when all of a sudden what sounded like a piano note echoed throughout the city, 3 seconds later, 3 spheres of aura appeared in the city's square.

So I take it the number three will be a wee bit important. Dunno why, it's just an odd feeling I get.

Erika ran out the gym to see the three spheres burst into blue flames and from the flames emerged three cloaked figures.

So this is very Pokemon to me right now. I can only assume this is very Pokemon to everyone else, as well.

The figure on the right was wearing a dark blue cloak with ice blue eyes. The one on the left had a red cloak with crimson eyes, and the one in the middle had a jet black cloak and his eyes were a piercing auburn color.

So blue, red, black. Good to know.

"I hate when they look at us like that," the blue eyed one said.
You should be use to it you whore, the crimson eyed man said.

Well that sure came out of nowhere. Guess this is a subtle hint that Red is a bit of a dick.

"Who are you three?" Erika asked the 3 figures.
"I'm Sai," the crimson eyed man said after chuckling,
"and I'm Helen," the blue eyed girl said, and this is our leader

Speak up Helen, I don't think you actually said anything after you introduced yourself.

Before she could say anything else the black cloaked figure pulled out two short swords and moved them in front of him surprising Erika, but her expression and everyone else's changed to absolute horror when the blades unfolded to reveal 3 blades on each sword.

The sheer impractically and try-hard edginess of the swords brought despair to everyone in Celadon, I see.

"TRI-EDGE!" everyone in the city screamed as he put the blades to his sides.

Literally everyone.

"What do u…?" before Erika could ask the question, Tri-edge brought one of his swords up and it shined in a blue aura, Erika gasped as he swung the sword. Seconds later, the city was in gulfed in a blue light and then… BAAAAAAMMMMMMM.

TIL that aura in Pokemon is a better nuke than 99% of all Pokemon. Come to think of it, are we even going to be seeing Pokemon in this story?

A huge explosion shock the entire surrounding area as Celadon was engulfed in blue flames.
"Wasn't that a lil much?" Sai asked.
"I dont think any one was killed," said Helen

> Destroy entire city with magical nuke powers
> Death count 0

Your leader really sucks at the tryhard edge thing.

"Yeah, just total destuction," Sai said as he examined the once beautiful city. He was interrupted from his tour by the sounds of sirens headed there way.
"alright some fun for us!" Helen said as she saw multiple police cars outside the city.

Seriously, the city was nuked so hard that there's literally nothing left to block her line of sight to outside the city! Which I can only assume is a rather sizeable location.

"No," the black cloaked figure said as he put his swords away.
"But why?" Helen said upset.
He didnt answer

He's kind of terrible at the tryhard mysterious loner thing, too.

Helen then saw that his eyes were a shade of blue for a second before turning back to there normal color.
"what happened to your eyes?" she asked
"Lets go", the leader said ignoring her

Leader is also rather rude. Just because you're blowing up a city and running from the police (why even bother fleeing you're a goddamn nuke) doesn't mean you can just ignore someone when they're talking to you.

awwwwww, said Helen as they were enulfed in blue spheres of arua which suddenly disappeared.
In the center of the city, before they disappeared, they left the infamous mark of Tri-edge there.

...That mark being...?

...Guess we'll never know, since that's the end of the chapter. Aside from some notes at the bottom.

Im pretty sure you've already figured out who the trainer in the black cloak is, but damn, using the power of aura to destroy all of Celadon city with one slash was only the tip of the iceberg.

I think I have an idea of who it might be. The subtle clues left in the title and description, and even your user name, have given me a suspect or two.

If your expecting to see his pokemon, don't worry, they'll show up as the story progress.

Why would he even bother with Pokemon? Again, he nuked an entire goddamn city by himself.

BTW, just to let you know, the leader, Helen, and Sai have the legendary trio from one of the riegions, however the leader won't use any pokemon in this story. 

...You just said one sentence ago that we'd see his Pokemon as the story progressed.

Well, that was... a thing. I don't get Pokemon stories that a) try to grimderp things, and b) omit Pokemon from the Pokemon setting. I guess I'll take their word that they eventually show up, but that's kind of a delayed appearance for something the show is named after.

Also, seriously? "Tri-edge"? Two triple-bladed swords that everyone is terrified of? No one in Celadon dying in the massive explosion and ensuing fireshow? I can't decide if this was a trollfic or what, but wow.

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