Saturday, 2 April 2016

BlazBlue: Chaos Silliness

Man, these new characters keep getting sillier, don't they?

So, BlazBlue. I like it. Fun fighting game. Noel is great. A wee bit confusing to explain the plot though, what with the timelines and dimensions and standard 'why can't a fighting game tell a coherent story for once' formula. What I CAN tell you, however, is that assassins should not be as visible as Makoto's boobs.

Heart of Chaos, written by Kusanagi The Blood Angel, is a story about an assassin employed by the NOL, and is the standard "no one likes/understand me waaah" story, so that should be fun to look at.

Hikari Shinzo is not an ordanary solger of the N.O.L, he is one of few top assassins. Follow him on his journey as he tries to survive in a world of chaos. Rated T for blood, will be pairing, but not yet. This story will be taken down . . . please do not read . . .

I am not sure why exactly they stopped writing the story, but since it hasn't been removed... well, let's just see if there was any real potential in the two chapters written.

I'm in the middle of a dark forest, I look around me and see nothing but trees engulfed in shadow. That is, until I see an old, and very familiar looking house.

So not a lot to see here, just a dream sequence that'll set-up just how tortured and stuff that Hikari is. Written in massive blocks of text.

As I got closer to the old house, I could see that the lights were on, and I could see two figures inside that I recognized instantly. "Mom, Dad!" I cried out as I started running to the house, but as soon as I got within a few feet of it, the house caught on fire.

Well, good job, ya little shit! You went and burned it down, what did you do that for?!

So, as some random darkness pulls him into the shadows, away from the burning house, one comes to realise that this sounds like a slightly re-written backstory for Ragna. Well, I'm sure that's just coincidence...

"AHHHHHHHHHH!" I screamed as I shot strait up out of the bed I was in, my whole body was sweating and my heart felt like it was about to burst out of my chest. The events of the dream continued to play thru my mind until a pillow hit me right in the face.

Well that defused quickly.

"Shish, why do have to be so loud this early in the morning" said a very irritated sounding voice. I looked over to bed next to mine to see a girl standing next to it;

It's kind of sad that I can consider a tsundere sleeping in the same room as a male character with no hint of embarrassment 'refreshing'. Still, way to be a bitch to the clearly distressed guy.

she had long, dark red hair, and brown eyes that were glaring at me. She had on a black pajama top, with black pajama bottoms, and on her back were large, black bat like wings.

So I think she likes yellow. That seem right to anyone so far?

"Eh he, sorry about that Nova" I said as I rubbed the back of my head with my hand, since the fear was knocked out of me from the pillow she threw at me.

I can relate. I usually forget my nightmares by immediately having some object completely cover my face and hinder my sight and breathing. It's so calming.

 "Nova, it's not Hikari's fault he had a nightmare" said a sweet voice in a gentle tone. Me and Nova both turned are heads to the source of the voice, which belonged to a girl with golden blond hair and sky blue eyes,

Oh man, a shrinking violet, too?! This guy's prettiness is overwhelming!

she was getting out of her bed and I could see what she had on, which was a light blue pajama top and bottoms, and on her back she had large, white bird like wings.

So her favourite colour is crimson. Got it.

And with those introductions out of the way, Hikari heads to the bathroom to change.

I went over to the full body mirror and looked at my reflection, I had long, silver hair that went a little past my waist that seemed to go every where, and it also framed my face that had violet colored eyes.

[prettiness intensifies]

I looked at the top of my head to see a pair of silver fox ears, in which I looked at my back to see a long, silver fox tail. If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm a fox beast kin.

...Did you need to remind yourself that you had animal features or something? Do you always think to yourself in clunky exposition about how you look?

I smiled as I wagged my tail around a little. I then grabbed one of the things that were on the counter that I put my jacket and everything else on

I guess the word 'coat hanger' got lost during the Black Beast's attack. Along with McDonalds and actual countries.

 I looked at it and smiled, it was a Yin-Yang symbol, but it looked like it was an ornament for hair. I grabbed the end of my hair and placed the hair ornament on, and then put on a pair of black fingerless gloves that had a white trim. I then grabbed two large, thick, golden bracelets and gave another smile as I put them on.

So from what I've gathered, absolutely everything makes this guy smile. Wagging his tail, looking at hair ornaments, putting on bracelets...

I then proceeded to put on my jacket, which was silvery white with a trim of thick, pure black fur, with also a thick, pure black collar.

So far I've seen a lot of black, white and silver in the character design. It is very robust and varied.

After I put it on, I pulled two long katana like swords from a belt on the counter, one had a pure white frame while the other was black. I stared at them for a little bit and only one word came to my mine, Arcanea. I sighed as I put the belt around my waist and then put the swords back in.

Well, I'm glad we spent all this time getting know every single piece of Hikari's black, white and silver equipment. Also, of course he has two katanas. It's never two broadswords. Never two claymores. Never even two kitchen knives.

-Hikari leaves the bathroom to see Angel and Devil eating-

 I noticed though, that they both had different outfits on, Aegis was wearing a long, light blue top with a white trim, and a dark blue skirt, while Nova had on a black top with red streaks going thru it, and a pair of black shorts with a chain on the sides

How can you even tell if they're wearing anything different when it's all the same goddamn colour.

this might seem normal, but the thing is, they don't have any clothes, no, it's not that I don't buy them any, the thing is, what ever type of clothing they imagine, they can create out of thin air and wear as long as they want

And yet they can't seem to think of more than two colours at a time.

Well, if nothing else, he's not acknowledging the more perverted side of this ability that so many others would lovingly point out in their own stories?

 to tell you the truth, I have no idea how they do this, I asked them both about it, but Aegis said it was very difficult to explain, and all Nova did was just look at me like she didn't have an answer.

"Shit, the game's setting doesn't have clothesbending as an established thing, how will I explain this?! ...Eh, screw it, no one knows."

-One meal and heartfelt 'we're there for you' scene later-

"Okay, you two ready to get on with the mission?" Nova said in a now determined voice, I could only smile at this

Smiling is all you seem to know, Hikari.

 "I'm as ready as I'll ever be" Aegis said in a sort of dead pan voice as she got up and quickly smiled at her sister. They both then looked at me and smiled, I closed my eyes and smiled as I then got up


"Ok, let's get to work" I said in a now determined voice much like Novas as I opened my eyes with new vigor.

This seems overly dramatic.

Aegis and Nova both suddenly turned into balls of light, that then went right into my body "Okay, lets go get him" I heard Novas voice eagerly shout in my mind. 

...And this... uh. This seems... random.

 I sighed to my self a little, and then I started to focus energy towards my back, I then felt the energy pulse out and form into something, I turned my head and smiled at what I saw. I had a huge, black bat wing and a huge, white, bird like wing on my back, I flapped them both around a bit to stretch them out, and it felt good to have my wings out after a long time.

...Uh... okay? So I guess Hikari is also not-Dizzy? And STOP. SMILING. SO MUCH.

 I then went over to the dresser by the bed that I slept in, and opened up one of the drawers, and I pulled out a mask. I looked at it for a few moments, the left side of it was black while the other side was white, with an eye design, the one the black, while the other was white.

Blue and orange really do go well together, yes.

 I sighed and frowned a little at the mask as I put it on


 it was a constant reminder of who I was, a mark that would always be apart of me.

I mean, it's just a mask. It's not like it's a tattoo or anything. You could always throw it in a bin.

 I then jumped over the balcony into the open air, and then I spread my wings, I loved how cool and brisk the morning air felt, I then slowly made my way down to the street.

I can't help but feel that simply taking the stairs would have been less obvious. I would expect an assassin to not want to be seen, after all.

I know, I know, it's a fanfic set in a universe filled with battles in a genre that forces 1-on-1 fights from everything that knows how to make a fist, but come on now.

It was still early in the morning, so no one was around, after I made it to the ground, I formed my wings around me, and together they formed a hooded cloak, half black, half white.

I've never liked how red and green looked together, personally.

"Right, he should be close by" I said as I made my way to the target.

And with that, chapter 1 is finally over. I might as well cover chapter two next time, but for now, I'm just going to lament the loss of the colour chart, as well as varied facial expressions. I hope the author updates the character models for the next chapter.