Tuesday, 8 December 2015

The Adventures of Team Bicdiss.

Man am I loving RWBY's third season so far. Still needs more Yang, but there can never be enough Yang in one's life. Come to think of it, I've never actually looked for RWBY fanfiction before. I guess now's as good a time as any to start?

The Mixed Up Adventures of Team BCDS, by TheSilverHuntsman is... a thing. From the description alone, I can't tell if the thing is a parody or the typical, er... fanfic tropes.

The best mixed up team of Beacon that is made up of a guy in silver armor, a guy who loves to crush stuff, a rare dragon faunus who can use dragon powers, and a girl that loves deadly weapons. This story will have action, shenanigans, and lots of references to other stuff from time to time. Rated T for some violence and me being paranoid for no reason.

So yeah.

Also, might as well start with a nitpick: The hell is BCDS? I know the series has some rather creative... codenames (CFVY is totally 'coffee' you guys), but what could this acronym possibly even mean?

Well, anyway, let's get reading.

The bright light trailer

Well this is boding well already.

AN: welcome all to the first trailer of team BCDS. Note that the trailers will be based on what they're known for, not their colors.

But what if they're known for their colours?!

Quick note for anyone not familiar with the trailer stuff - In the year before RWBY's first season was released, four trailers were made, each centred on one of the main characters and named after their colours - red, white, black and yellow.

How do you make a trailer made purely out of text, and why wouldn't you just call it chapter 1, or even just the prologue? Good questions.

The real story will start after the S trailer is done and if I get at least 5 reviews before the first proper chapter.

This is the best way to make someone interested in reading. "Oh, this story's actually really great! ...But no one else has reviewed it, so I guess it'll never continue".

Disclaimer: I do not own RWBY or I would have added a character from my story into it.

I will never not be baffled by disclaimers on a website centred around fanfiction.

Somewhere in Atlas….
"So far so good" a guy in pieces of silver armor grumbled.
The guy was Brandon SilverSchnee, a distance member of the Schnee family and one of the best sword fighters and security in Atlas.

 Guy in shiny armour
☑ Related to a main character
 Surname sillier than said canon character.

Brandon is a 16 year old guy that is 6 foot tall and he is a thin person that carries two custom swords called Light Switch and Sin Slayer and his powerful hand cannon called Silver Angel.

Normally those two swords would combine into a hand cannon in this series. Do you even RWBY, bro?

Anyways, he's in a train making it's way to a major city in Atlas to drop off Schnee dust crates and the Atlesian combat droids.

I know that generic grunts tend to be useless, especially in a show where every named character has superhuman martial arts skills, but just one teenager protecting a whole train? Was the price to hire an actual Hunter too stupidly expensive?

He was sitting around doing nothing when he heard an engine and multiple foot steps above him." let's get this show on the road"

Good god, two lines of dialogue and he speaks exactly like Adam: Stock uber badass phrases.

Brandon huffed as he got Light Switch, his templer styled sword that has the dust revolver mechanism, and placed his earbuds in his ears and played Lift Your Spirits by Unlimited Gravity (cue the song)

...Fine, I guess.
> Opens new tab
> Youtube
> Search for song

...What the Christ is glitch hop?

Brandon climbed a ladder and leaped onto the roof and found five White Fang members, all armed with swords, lifting two dust containers.

In hindsight, placing important cargo on top of the train was a poor choice.

He smirked and placed his custom silver helmet on and ran towards the robbers.

It seems redundant to refer to one's equipment as 'custom' in this series. Like, one whole character inherited his weapon, the others made their stuff themselves!

-Brandon proceeds to one-hit everyone with a single ice attack-

That wasn't all because a bullhead just arrived and more White Fang members arrived with a guy wearing a mask covering his eyes and wearing a black trench coat and has red hair.

Oh hey, speaking of Adam. Please don't let these two have a conversation.

Brandon just yawned and pulled out Silver Angel. The hand cannon was a silver revolver style handgun and the barrel looked like the desert eagle's and has a blade under the gun and can switch into a knife in a press of a button.

...A revolver... shaped like a desert eagle... that still has room for a blade. Before it switches to a knife.

I should point out that the reason RWBY's weapons can be a scythe/rifle, or hammer/grenade launcher at the same time, is because it a) is freakin' awesome, and b) carefully designed in such a way that it seems plausible. They tend not be jumbled messes.

Well, anyway, from here, a fight scene worthy of the series takes place. No need to copy all of the paragraph block, but I'm sure this will be suffice to convince you of its' greatness.

The grunts started to shoot at Brandon, but he threw one of the swords that belonged to one of the fallen members at one of them and running towards the group of thieves. The sword hit one of the closest members and Brandon began to slice the other members until he reached the one dressed in black.

So wonderfully choreographed.

" Who do we have here" the guy in black questioned him as he drew his sword.

" I'm just a guy defending a train" Brandon answered as he sheathed Light Switch and brought out Sin Slayer.


Sin Slayer is a sword that has a blade made entirely out of fire dust and the handle is shaped as a T and its made out of silver and ebony metal.

On the plus side, that's, like, +4 Fire Damage to all enemies. On the downside... you could sneeze on that sword and cause a nuclear apocalypse.

Dust is not the kind of thing you use as the primary metal for a sword, guy.

The stranger struck first and forced Brandon into his defensive position, but he was able to counter attack and launched his attacker a few feet back by directing some of his aura to his hand and done a palm strike at the guy's chest.

Adam is well known for leaving himself wide open like that.

"You're more skilled than I thought" the unique White Fang member commented as a bullhead arrived.

Or you're just incompetent. Either way, 'skill' is not the word I'd use to describe this epic battle so far.

The guy got on the bullhead and was about to leave when the guy spoke. "The names Adam" was the only thing he said before the bullhead flew away.

Soooo... why did he run away so quickly? Why did he give out his name? And did that fight really just consist of Adam jumping around like an idiot, and Brandon shoving him away?

It was a quiet ride from that point on with Brandon doing nothing but listen to music all the way there.

This is gonna be a thing with him, isn't it.

-Brandon meets a totally mysterious guy when they finally reach a train station-

" I'm Ozpin, the headmaster of Beacon" Ozpin told him as Brandons mouth flew right open.
"As in the headmaster of Beacon Ozpin?" Brandon questioned Ozpin again.

No, no, he means the headmaster of Beacon. That would be Ozpin.

Ozpin told him yes and handed him a letter. Brandon opened the letter to see an acceptance letter for Beacon. He looked at the letter and back to Ozpin for a few minutes. Brandon was about to ask why he got accepted, but Ozpin was gone.

I guess Ozpin just got bored of Brandon staring at him and the letter without saying anything for an extended period of time?

The silver knight got his scroll and called his family that he got accepted to Beacon. His family congratulated him and told him that they were proud of him. He thanked them and hung up and called Weiss about the good news.

"Hey guys, I got accepted into Beacon."
"Yep. Bye."

 Weiss is one of Brandon's favorite cousins and Brandon is the only person Weiss can talk to without going into her annoying attitude.

☑ OC related to canon snippy character that doesn't trigger any snippiness

" Its me Weiss, Brandon, anyway I got accepted into Beacon" Brandon told Weiss as Weiss began to ramble about how he was only 16 years old. " I got the acceptance letter from Ozpin himself Weiss" he told her as Weiss finally congratulated him on his acceptance.

And, like the mainest of main characters, he is totally super ultra omega awesome enough to join the academy early. At least he's still a year older than Ruby?

" well see you at Beacon in three days" Brandon told her as he said goodbye. He hung up and got on an airship that leads to Beacon to get an early tour.

...What, was there an airship waiting right behind him or something? I thought he was at a train station? Also, dude, luggage. Might need it.

" I got accepted to Beacon!" Brandon yelled in excitement as people all around him looked at him.

Well that was quite the delayed reaction, there.

Brandon apologized and placed his earbuds into his ears and played This Will Be The Day by Jeff William.

Damn it it's gonna be a thing. At least this song was actually made for the show?

 lets see what life will take me" Brandon mumbled under his breath as he continued to listen to his song.

That's not how the song goes, Brandon!

Well, that's that for chapter 1. I guess the next three are gonna be more 'trailers', filled with amazing action scenes, epic/sombre/fitting character songs, and... I dunno, super totally awesome characters?

The story's kind of a mess here, but the main draw seems to be the comments section. It's... I can't describe it. Just look at it. Look and marvel.