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Katekyo Varia Umarekawari

So Katekyo Hitman Reborn was a silly show about a baby hitman teaching the world's meekest high-schooler how to be the boss of an Italian mob. Shonen ensues. One of the enemy groups that Tsuna and pals (and Hibari) must fight is the Varia, a merciless group of killers that don't want Tsuna to rule the Vongola Family. They're all ruthless and villainous, so it's always a good thing to see a varia-centred fic promote OOC-ness in its summary.

Um Do I Know You is a fic by Aya Takeshi, in which her OC is a former, amnesiac Varia member. To quote the summary...

This is Yukino. The only girl in Varia and is doing a pretty good job at it. But after a certain mission she loses all of her memories. How will she survive in this Mafia world with assassins around every corner? More importantly how will Varia deal with this? Warning of OOCness!

So we can expect Yukino, if nothing else, to be good at her job of being a girl. Let's take a look.

I was currently cooking breakfast for Varia when Lussuira walked through the door. "Ohayo Yuki-chan." "Ohayo Lussuria. Get a good night's sleep?"

I'd like to remind you that the Varia are Italian.

He started to help me with breakfast. Soon we were done cooking and heading towards the dining hall. When I opened the door I saw Varia arguing. "VOOOOI PUT THAT OVER THERE!" "Ushishishi I think it'll look better over here."

Varia, stop shouting at Voi. That's just rude.

"What's going on here?" They stopped yelling, looking at me. Squalo and Bel quickly grabbed hold of a large sheet of paper while Mammon used his psychic powers to hang it up. On the sign I read out loud "Happy 8th Anniversary Yukino!"

So the crazy sword guy and the crazy knife guy are perfectly in character, as you can clearly see here.

The day I first joined Varia. See my parents were both Mafioso. My mother served for Vongola while my father was in Varia. After my mother pasted on, my father trained me. From time to time my Father let me meet up with Varia. So when my father died Xanxus took me in to be a top Varia officer.

A comprehensive story that at least firmly establishes her father is an idiot. I don't care what kind of promotion Xanxus gives it, there's no way "Take your kid to work day" works for a ruthless assassination group. :v

"A-arigato minna-san!"

-Eye twitch-

I looked at everyone around the room. First was Superbi Squalo, second in command of Varia, to me he was like my big brother though it took a bit of time for him to accept me. Next was Xanxus, boss of Varia, he was like the father I lost but still has a murderous atmosphere around him

I should probably note that this is a lot more affection than they show each other.

Bel, also known as Prince the Ripper, was my best friend and was someone I could always trust.

Yeah, the guy with the "Ushishi" laugh, knife fetish, and has attempted to kill his twin brother, on top of being, y'know, an assassin, is trustworthy.

Fran was my little brother and kohai

Man, my eye just will not stop twitching.

Finally was Mammon my...second best friend? Honestly I got a little crush on his mysterious behaviour and he may not look like it but he really is holding all his emotions in.

Pictured: Mammon.

"Anno I just don't know what to say. I guess I can't even believe that it's been 8 years already. 8 years, huh?"

Watashi wa tashika ni hitobito ga sōdenakereba, eigo no bunshō no naka ni nihongo no tango o chūnyū suru toki ni sore o aishiteimasu.

"Waa it's all my favourite foods!" I noticed at the end of the table Xanxus was already the food. I couldn't help but laugh at him.

If Xanxus is already the food, all is lost.

"So what's this big job Lussuria talked about?" Levi asked. "I can't believe you forgot what today is, Leviathan. Today is not only my anniversary but V.B.A Day."

I had no idea that emulator was so popular.

V.B.A day stands for Vongola Bosses Alliances. It's a day where Vongola and 6 families in alliance with them go on a job to strengthen their bond.

Not a thing as far as I can tell... but hey, this idea isn't necessarily bad, I suppose. It's just, there's the entire rest of the Vongola family that would be more likely to go on such a mission. Not the secret assassination group that are so notoriously volatile, that even the Vongola Boss is unlikely to be able to control them.

Usually only the bosses will go but with Xanxus's personality he refuses to go. That's the same with the rest of Varia so I ended up being our representative. "I see. So which families are coming this time?" "Um Varia of course, CEDEF, Cavallone, Simon, Millefiore and Tomaso."

But the Varia's part of the Vongola... and CEDEF's an organisation that might as well be the Vongola. Also, why couldn't you have just left out the Tomaso Family? I would've overlooked it, I swear!

"I see. You better not shame Varia's reputation." "I should be saying that to you every time you go on a mission." "What was that?!" He stood up, slamming his hands on the table. "It's exactly as I said. You got a problem?"

Boy, I sure am glad that the author took the time to make sure the reader never lost track of who's speaking to who, here.

As always he took things to seriously and started to pick a fight with me. He somehow managed to get everyone else in involved. What started out as a food fight turned into a serious fight with boxes and flames.

Well, that was one of the best fight scenes ever written. Time to move on?

During the fight I took a quick glance at my watch. It read 11:45am. I quickly snapped my fingers using my snow flames to freeze their flames.

Oh, yeah, the author also established that Yukino here uses Snow Flames. If you don't recognise that as either the Sky or Earth Flame, that's because it was only used in one DS game. And is basically Tsuna's Zero-Point Breakthrough without the ten-billion year prep time. Well then.

 I clapped my hands together, bowing slightly. "Gomen Squalo-san but I have to get ready now."

Don't you just hate it when your own language lacks a suitable word to use, forcing you to borrow something from another language?

"I'm going now. I'll be back in 5 days top." I said holding up 5 fingers. I walked out the door and took a plane to head to Japan. After a few hours I arrived in Japan and went to Tsuna's house. Once everyone arrived Reborn started to explain the mission he found us.

Well that was the world's fastest transition to another country ever.

Our mission was pretty simple for me and Byakuran but for people like Tsuna and Naito it was a different story. For Tsuna and Naito this was their first time with going on a mission.

Naito I can understand, but Tsuna? The main character that's had to defeat the Varia, defeat Byakuran's world-dominating family in the future, defeat Simon's overpowered family after that, and then had to fight those weird jailor guys that were stronger than everyone else up to that point? What the hell kind of mission is this, anyway?

Our job was in Beijing, China. It was to take down a family that was getting too much strength. We had to take this family down before they get too strong. After discussing a plan we were on our way to Beijing.

So putting aside the fact that Tsuna could roflstomp this family on his own by the end of the manga... why is this different from anything else he's done? You aren't going to straight-up murder everyone, are you?

Soon we were all spilt up around their base.

Damn right it was soon. Literally the next line, I'd say.

"Yuki no Tenshi can you read me?" I heard Dino call to me on the ear piece.


"Dino please just call me Yukino." Yuki no Tenshi was my Mafia name meaning Angel of Snow. Bel came up with it because my name means snow and he likes to call me an angel.

Well I'm so glad this was necessary.

"Fine fine. Are you in position?" "Yeah. I could see the Boss's safe from here. Did you get the code?" "Yeah Naito was able to get the guards distracted while Byakuran got it." "I don't need the story just tell me the code." "You seem to be serious about this. Fine the code is 34791."

Giant lines of dialogue are always fun to read.

"Thanks tell Basil-kun and Tsunayoshi-kun to ready their attack once I get the papers." "They're already good to go." "I'm going in now." I stood up and used my Mist flames to create a distraction. "Good luck." I chuckled a bit. "Don't need it."

And with her no-doubt elaborate and perfect ruse in place, this chapter comes to a close. There's also a glossary at the bottom that explains what all of the unnecessary Japanese words mean. My personal favourite is "Anno - Um".

So, if you've learned one thing to day, I'm sure it's this: Fanfics that rely on characters being OOC tend not to make much sense. Also, try not to give your characters stuff that's just "Main Character's special attack, but better!".

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