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Organisation Way More Than XIII

Coming up with a "Nobody Name" can be fun. Sticking an X in there to make it cooler (or if you already have an X in your name, put in a second one for super coolness!) and rearranging the letters is, like so great. Then you get a name like Rosalinda.

A Nobody's Journey, by ShadowHuntress98, is an AU story in which a girl joins the Organisation, and... drastically changes just about everything possible, somehow. Should be a fun read, huh? From what I can see, it's a part of her other two series, which presumably follow Rosalinda. Well, if nothing else, she's certainly into her series.


I felt wind rushing past my face as I laid on the ground near a few bushes. I sat up and rubbed my head. I didn't know where I was or how I got here. I stood up and continued to rub the back of my head. My brown hair fell in front of my brown eyes as I looked at the ground.
"So young to lose." I heard a voice say. I turned to see a man with white hair in a long black trench coat. "You lost your heart. You are a Nobody now. I can make you a somebody."

I see Xemnas is still awesome at explaining stuff.

The name Rosalinda appeared in front of me. It went around my head a few times. the letters all spread apart and an X appeared. The letters rearranged themselves into the name Xarosalind.

Xemnas, you just stuck the last letter of her name in the front, then slapped an X there, too. You're getting lazy, man.

"Xarosalind." I said quietly.
"Welcome, Xarosalind, number VII, the Shadow Huntress."

"Because my first choice for No. VII is a bit of a dick, really."

-Suddenly nine year time skip-

Xarosalind and Axel have a meaningless conversation, in which Xarosalind heretically proclaims sea-salt ice-cream disgusting.

Axel smirked. "Come on. Superior and Saix are gonna have a fit if you don't turn in your completed mission."

Quite the natural way to refer to your boss, there.

I sighed, "Yeah, yeah, yeah." I waved my free hand a little and threw the sea-salt icecream away. "I've been doing stupid missions for them since I was 7."

I know Sai'x is a bit of a dick, but I sure hope he wasn't sending you to kill monsters at that age. "Xarosalind, your mission for today is buy some snacks. This is a direct order from our leader himself. Do not fail us."

-One throwaway sentence of reporting later-

 I then headed to my room, and flopped down on my bed in my dark room. 'What to do, what to do? I could always bother Zexion, but last time I did that I got attacked by books, so much for being a childhood friend since we joined the Organization. I could bother Demyx. He loves music, and I like a lot of bands he likes. If I really wanted too I could prank Axel again. Just grab some gunpowder and out it in his room. Last time I did that though Superior yelled at me. I ended up cleaning Axel's room after that.' I sighed again, but then I go hang out with Demyx.

That's a lot of natural exposition there. Childhood friends with Zexion, huh?

Why would someone starting Life That Never Was at this age and mentality be hanging out with a child?

...And what bands are there to even listen to? I doubt Sebastian's underwater group are widely known. Oh, maybe Nobuo Uematsu's Black Mages count as Final Fantasy characters!

"Again with the sitar?" I asked the dirty blond with a mullet as I sat on edge of his bed. "I always see you playing that thing."
"Well I need to practice, don't I?" He responded looking at me with his blue eyes.

Does he really play it that much? I guess he messes around with it sometimes in Days, but I never quite saw any clues pointing to "aspiring rock star". 

-Lots and lots of pointless dialogue pertaining to the location of music sheets later-

"Thanks, I'm not sure what should come after that part." He said and pointed at the current end of the song.
"You'll figure it out eventually. You always do." I said as I grabbed my sketchbook to try to draw him playing his sitar. I always drew pictures of the rest of the Organization members, and lots of times my random drawn pictures remind the others of a more gothic personality.

So basically a Darker and Edgier Namine?

"Watcha drawing?" Demyx asked me.
"You playing your sitar." I told him smiling. I never really talked about what I was drawing or any other of my hobbies, but Demyx was one of my best friend, so it was kind of hard not to tell him.

So Xarosa- screw it, Rosie - is the quiet type? ...Never would have noticed, given her apparent chattiness and tendency to screw around with people.

"It's better when you hear it. I don't think you can read music, can you?"
"I can, but not very well. I tried to play the flute, but Xemnas didn't really like hearing it." I laughed a little.
"Oh yeah, didn't he make you drop it when you were, what, twelve?"
"Yeah, but I still have it incase I wanna pick it up ever again."

Nomura left this little plot point in the series so it could make a return in the climax of Kingdom Hearts 4: Xehanort, Son of Xehanort.

...Also, the idea of Xemnas being kept awake at night by a flute is hilarious.

I smiled as he played. I loved hearing him play. I always wonder when someone is going to yell at him for playing it all day. "I like it" I said still smiling.

Good point, Rosie. If Xemnas hates your flute, why doesn't he tell Demyx to stop with the Sitar? Sure, it's his weapon, but I doubt his water-bending needs to be regulated by constant strumming. Oh, right, the song. Uh, sure, it was awesome, Dem. Hits ya right in the feels, doesn- oh, uh, sorry.

I nodded and went back to my sketch. "Hey Dem?"
"Why do you think a few Nobodies show actual emotions? Like you and I show actual emotions."

...Did Rosie play DDD during the time-skip, or did she just know otherwise for no reason?

"Do you think that's why I may have this?" I asked as a black rod with a steel chain going up the middle, ended with a steel accented tip and a rectangular victorian style edge appeared in my hand. The hilt had dragon wings coming off a purple diamond shaped gem and a cord wound grip.

I love how her Keyblade-Wielding status both comes out of nowhere, and is completely expected.

I sighed as it disappeared. "Why do I have a Keyblade though? None of the other Nobodies have."

"It's just like the time Maria-Susie from 123 Nowhere Street beat all the high scores and records of champions everywhere. She was strangely better and more important than everyone else."

"Do you see any other Nobodies running around with a sitar?"
"True, point taken." I said as I continued to draw the picture of Demyx. I sighed and got off the bed. "I'll be back in a little."

Well, when you out it like that, I suppose every weapon is unique and special in their own way, and each have the same importance and rules pertaining to the series mythos.

I used a portal and went to walk around Twilight Town. I walked passed the ice cream shop tempted to get more ice cream, but not sea-salt. I heard someone or something attacking something. My curiosity got the better of me, and I went to go investigate.

"Why I went to Twilight Town all of the sudden, I have no idea, but there seems to be plot happening, so goodie!"

A tall boy with spiky brown hair wearing a t-shirt, a pair of black jeans, and sneakers was fighting off a horde of Heartless with a weapon that looked like it was made of fire coming to a point on the end facing him.

...So... is it a fire-sword? A fire-spear? A fire-gatling gun?

I summoned my Keyblade and went and helped him out.

That was an intense fight scene. This is worthy of Sinister Sundown, all right.

When the Heartless were gone I looked at him. "You okay kid?" The kid actually looked like he was bout my age. His weapon disappeared in a burst of flames and he started to walk off.

Clearly having no interest in taking part in this story.

I ran after him. "Hey kid!" I shouted. "Wait up! I want you to meet someone. All you have to do is come with me." I grabbed his arm.


He looked down at my hand and then up at me.
"Come on. Please." I begged and summoned a portal.
He stood there for a second and then started to walk toward the portal.

Doormat will do anything if it means touching a lady, I suppose?

I smiled and gently held his arm. "Don't get lost." We appeared back at the Organization outside of Xemnas' room. "Xemnas." I said as I knocked on his door a few times.
The Superior opened up the door. "Yes, Xarosalind. Who is that, behind you?"

I like to imagine Xemnas has a nightcap on in this scene. Nightcap of Non-Existence: +3 to No stats.

I shrugged. "I don't know, but he's acted like every Nobody that I've ever met, and I think he has a Keyblade like me!" I explained somewhat excited.

...Okay, two things:

1) Acting silent and unresponsive is every Nobody ever? ...I guess that could technically describe the mooks, but I'm pretty sure you're in an Organisation with members that are anything but.
2) WHEN THE CHRIST DID HE GET A KEYBLADE?! All we were told was that it was fire. With a point. Where did you get "blade in the shape of a key" from?

He turned to the boy. "May I see it?"
The boy's weapon appeared in his hand with another burst of flames.
"Interesting." Xemnas said. "I believe you're correct."

"I mean, sure, it looks nothing like a Keyblade at all, but if you squint and say it's a Keyblade, then it totally is."

I smiled. "So, I'm guessing he's useful then?"
"Quite useful." Xemnas smiled. "How did you come across this individual?"
"I was walking around and I heard him fighting Heartless, so I went to go and help him, and saw that he had what I thought was a Keyblade."

"That is literally the most contrived scenario I have ever heard of, and trust me, I know a lot about that."

"We must recruit him before anything happens to the lad." Xemnas said. "I shall have Saix take his measurements."

And so, with a Nobody constantly described as a young boy kidnapped and getting measured by a grown adult, we transition to two days later.

Everyone was in the throne room. We were all sitting on our thrones of various heights. Xemnas started to speak from his seat atop the highest throne. "Good tidings, friends.

At first, I tried to imagine Xemnas saying this. Now all I can hear is Xemnas' awesome voice saying this. Wonder if Paul St. Peter says this at all social gatherings.

I am pleased to announce that a new comrade has been chosen to wear the coat." Xemnas paused and the boy from a few days ago walked toward the center of the giant circular pedestal. "Number XIV. Let us all welcome one of the Keyblade's chosen, the Burning Sigil, Vexdain."

The end of DDD makes these additions to the cast hilarious. Also, I love two utterly random Keybladers have fallen into Xemnas' hands with no real effort on his part.

-One week later-

The Organization was sitting in the throne room again welcoming a new member named Roxas, Number XV, the Key of Destiny. When his hood was down we were able to see that he had blue eyes and spiked up bond hair. He looked so familiar, but I couldn't put my finger on it.

No. XIII is way cooler. :v

Also, let me guess, Rosalinda is Sora's best friend and that's why Rosie thinks she knows Roxas, right?

Like all Nobodies when they join he could not speak yet,

Um... no? Roxas was only like that because of special circumstances. No one else had this trouble.

but I knew he would be able to speak soon, because Vexdain was already trying to be his friend and help him talk.

I think you chose the wrong fire guy, there.

-Suddenly two weeks later-

"Vexdain, Roxas! Watch out!" I shouted at them as I slid down the wet hallway.
Vexdain pushed Roxas out of the way and I slid right into Vexdain causing him to fall on top of me.
"Hey Vexdain. I know she's about your age, but that doesn't mean you have to be on top of her to get her to like you more." Demyx said.

Oh, Demyx! Also, the hell's happening here?

"Shut the hell up." Vexdain said as he quickly got off of me and helped me up.
"What were you and Demyx doing?" Roxas asked looking at me.
"We made the hallway into a water slide!" I said excitedly. "You two have gotta try it!" I said and grabbed their arms.

I love that they reference this scene in the HD release. I was just runnin' round the castle, minding my own business, when Sora suddenly slips on the wet floor and careens into the abyss below. Slightly annoying.

"Get on your stomach and I'll pull you a few feet and then let ya go." I told him smiling.

Are you absolutely sure that's enough? I mean, there's a need for a "Wet Floor" sign, and then there's an ice-rink.

I grabbed his arms and pulled him down a few feet till Demyx told me to let go. Vexdain went flying down the hallway and was heading straight for Axel.

"Because Xaldin inexplicably fired a tornado down the hall, accelerating Vexdain enough to make this possible."

"Axel! Move!" Vexdain shouted as the two pyros collided with each other.
"Vexdain! Axel!" I shouted and slid to go check on them. I stopped about a foot away from them, but they both got splashed. "You guys okay?" I asked as I stood up offering to help both of them up by putting my arms out.

...How did you even splash them? How deep is the water? I mean... any higher than puddle-deep can't possibly make a hallway so damn slippery.

"I'm fine." Axel said and stood up only slipping a few times. "What were you guys and wannabe goth girl doing?" He asked.
"Wannabe goth girl?" I asked, but was probably ignored.

Axel, just admit it, you have no idea what's supposed to make her "goth". Especially when you realised that everyone wears the same black robe.

Axel sighed. "Don't let Superior or Saix catch you."

At this point, it wouldn't surprise me if they slid onto the scene, giggling like kids right now.

"Now you ready?" I asked Roxas.
"Yeah, let's go." He said and walked back up to the end of the hall.
"Don't slip!" I told him as he slipped. "Nevermind." I mumbled and used a portal for him to get to the end of the hall. I then used a portal for myself.
"Why didn't you do that in the first place?" Roxas asked me.

Gotta love this portal spamming going on, just to move a few feet. That ankle deep(?) water is impossible to keep your balance on.

I shrugged. "At least you didn't fall on ice."

"That would have made so little sense, man.

He laid on his stomach and I pulled him down till Demyx told me to let go. Somehow Roxas slid right by Vexdain.
"How did he manage that?" I asked Demyx.

What makes you think I've figured out the physics yet, Demyx?

"I don't know. I'm gonna go check on him." Demyx said and used a portal.
I then used a portal and stood next to Vexdain. "Any idea on how that happened?" I asked referring to Roxas sliding past him.
"I stayed as close to the wall as I could." He said.
"Ah." I said and nodded.

"But not really the answer I was looking for. You se- oh, nevermind, we did this joke like seven times now."

Roxas and Demyx walked back over to us a few seconds later. Roxas was soaking wet.
"So how was that?" I asked Roxas smiling.
"Fun, I guess." He told me. "I'm soaking wet though."

[Character] was [Description].
"I am [Description]" said [Character].

Demyx stood next to me and Vexdain used fire to dry Roxas off.

One cremation later, Xemnas was glad he lucked his way into having two spare Keyblade Wielders.

"So, Dem. Who's gonna clean this up? It was your idea." I asked.
"I'll take care of it." Demyx said and summoned some Dancer Nobodies. "Clean all of this water up." He told them.

Seriously, man? I know you're a bit on the "can't be arsed" side, but you control feckin' water. Drink it, absorb it, turn them into musical notes and threaten to kill everyone in twenty seconds, just... anything you do would be approximately twelve hours shorter than anything your back dancers could manage, surely?

I smirked. "Lazy?" I asked.
"You'd do the same thing." He said teasingly.
"No I wouldn't… Okay maybe I would." I chuckled.
"More like 'definitely would'." He said.
"Hey!" I somewhat shouted.
Everyone else just laughed.

-Cue 80's sitcom ending by Utada Hikaru-

Meanwhile, everyone 'excitedly' uses 'portals' to warp to the Dining Room That Wished To Be.

"Last one there has to help Vexen in the lab for a week!" I shouted and used a portal to leave.

Sad part is, she's actually serious about that.

"It's only been a week! Oh Vexen! I got someone to help you in the lab for a week." I told the light long haired blond
"Who is it?" Vexen asked me.
I pointed at Roxas as he walked into the dining room. "Roxas."

Vexen then proceeded to laugh his ass off and go back to listing Synthesis Materials required for evil clones.

I pointed at Roxas as he walked into the dining room. "Roxas."
Roxas mumbled something under his breath as he sat down.
"What's the matter Roxas?" I asked as Vexdain and I sat next to him.
"Both of you are assholes." He mumbled.

Hahaha, classic Roxas!

"Vexen! I'm gonna help you in the lab instead of Roxas."
"Just don't break anything." Vexen said.

You sure you want anyone near your lab? You don't have any volatile chemicals in there? Fragile items? Very Secret Things? Surely you should be a little less accommodating about this bet you had nothing to do with. Maybe say "lol Rank VII" or something?

And for the sake of padding, a list of items Rosie has broken is compiled on the spot.

"The window in the lobby, the lock on your door, Marluxia's red flowers-" The long light pink hair man cut him off.
"Poppies!" Marluxia corrected.
"Yeah, whatever." Vexdain continued. "Xemnas' lightsabers-" Vexdain was cut off again, this time by Xemnas.
"Ethereal Blades."
"I'm still calling them lightsabers." Vexdain said.

Vexdain, you ballsy little bugger. Also, can't possibly imagine how he would have knowledge of lightsabers in a universe compiled mostly of Disney.

"Sorry I'm late!" Xion said to Axel, Roxas, Vexdain, and me as she ran to the table and sat next to Axel. She tucked her short black hair behind her ears and looked up at us letting us see her blue eyes.

So not only Roxas, but Xion is also sociable as hell? This is, like, two weeks into Days, right? And I get the strange feeling that not everyone saw Xion as a Kairi palette Swap.

...Then again, this seems to be the Days version of another story of hers, so maybe Rosie has a reason? Ish?

-One overly cheerful dinner scene later. Also, I does the Org. even eat together? I can only ever see that as hilariously awkward-

I sat in my room reading another book that I 'borrowed' from Zexion. It was a Greek Mythology book.

"...I am never going anywhere near the Olympus Coliseum" Rosie shuddered, flipping past Zeus' biography."

The story then ends in a pointless skit of Rosie portaling Zexion's book back into his room while Zex searches Rosie's room for said book. Then she pulls out an iPod or something.


Well, that was... something. Silliness aside, that was a pretty boring read. Way too much pointless fluff and dialogue that just seems to pad out scenes, and evidently what plot there is gets advanced through completely random exploration of random worlds.

Well, with three ongoings fanfics all tying together, I can only assume Huntress is having fun with this thing. And it has its fans, so there's that, I suppose.


  1. Cool riffing, mate. It's nice to see an MST that's just talking about the ins-and-outs of a fic rather than complain about what is just a silly hobby for lots of people. I mean, this fic is a bit boring, but it's got a cute kind of innocence to it that's hard not to like a little.

    Fave comments: "So Xarosa- screw it, Rosie -"
    "One cremation later, Xemnas was glad he lucked his way into having two spare Keyblade Wielders."

    1. Thanks, I try and not come across as overly-mean, since at the end of the day, they aren't professional works, and most of the stuff I've looked at could probably be considered better than my own fics anyway.