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Riffdom Hearts 2.9/2 Years. Final Mix HD Collection.

Today's subject is A journey across the worlds, a Kingdom Hearts fanfic by Haro654, in which a self-insert is thrust into the universe of Kingdom Hearts to defeat Ansem. Presumably Xehanort and Xemnas get a pass.

Wolf Mitchell, is a 20 year old man, who moves to Destiny Islands where he meets many people and eventually learns of his origins from a planet called Earth. He even learns of Ansem and his motives and is determined to stop him, hell, he will stop him. Eventually he meets a brown haired girl and her friends. OCxOlette

Really hope Olette's the oldest of the Twilight Town cast, otherwise we'll be shipping a most-likely fifteen-year-old girl with Self-Insert here. And I guess Wolf doesn't know he's in a "sucked into the game" self-insert fanfic? I suppose that's... novel.

Time to get started, then!

Pain, this is what I felt when I was hit in the head with a book.

And we're already starting with with some useful trivia.

Wolf Mitchell, a 20 year old man, with short brown hair and blue eyes, was and will always be, in his opinion, an assistant librarian.

What better way to get the young'uns reading than to have a librarian named Wold recommending stories to you?

"Well then Mr. Mitchell, don't fall asleep on the job next time, otherwise you can get the hell out of my library."
Wolf nods vigorously "Yes Mrs. Morrison, won't happen again."

And... that's all there is to that scene. I guess we've established Wolf is a keen reader. And Mrs. Morrison is a tad grumpy.

(Author's Note: Wolf when he traveling other worlds is wearing Kirito's outfit from the ALO arc of Sword art online, but it's white instead. Normally right now he's wearing a t shirt, jeans and some tennis shoes.)

For those of you who have never seen Sword Art Online, I have created a handy visual reference for what a white version of his Alfheim stuff would look like:

I may have exerted the same amount of effort the author put into designing his OC's look

I also appreciate the author's note breaking into the story to seamlessly describe his appearance.

-Wolf heads home, and suspects a break-in has occurred at his apartment-

To see his apartment broken into or so he thought looked like some of his favorite objects that could be easily bought again, but he really didn't want to buy them again

...Wanna try that sentence again?

As Wolf was about to enter the apartment he sees a cloaked figured just standing there staring at him.

Yeah, those folk are easy to miss. All that standing and stuff.

"Who the hell are you? Doesn't really matter I could just call the cops on you for breaking and entering."

Then why did you even bother asking? And how do you know that they broke into your home? It sounded like they were just standing outside the apartment, and there's been no mention of a broken door, just a light switched on.

"Don't be afraid, the door will open soon, you shall help the one who will save the worlds."

"You, specifically, as opposed to the billions of other people on this planet alone, never mind the potential assistance of two company's worth of characters I could ask."

"Wait what? The hell are you on?" Wolf was questioning this random stranger who was standing in front of talking in a weird, but in a quiet almost shy voice to be exact. Soon the world around goes black.

Well that was an abrupt end to the prologue. Wonder what the shy cloaked figure was about. Well, before we move onto chapter two, here's a bit from the author's note at the end.

 oh and also request worlds in which Wolf could possibly go to could be anything from anime, books, video games, movies, and tv shows. Maybe I might put some songs into the fic making it a adventure, action, romance, song fic of sorts!

You'd think a crossover between Disney and Final Fantasy would give you at least one or two cool opportunities, but everyone seems to insist on turning it into a massive crossover. I mean, sure, go ahead, but shouldn't you put the fanfic into the crossover section of the site?

Also songs in fanfics uuuuuuggggggghhhhhh

Right, anyways! Onto chapter 1!

Chapter 1- The meeting between a goddess and a hero?

I'm not sure how to feel if even the chapter title sounds confused about its' contents.

All I see is white mist covering what looks like to be a forgotten old-western town.

Starting in Silent Hill is a hell of a hurdle there, dude.

"Where the hell am I, and where the hell are the townsfolk supposed to be at?" I say to no one in particular, since you know, no one apparently live here.

I mean, are we absolutely sure people aren't just staying inside their homes to keep warm or something?

"Well you aren't exactly right, Wolf" A voice says in my head. "But you aren't exactly wrong either."
"Who the fuck are you? How in the hell do you do you know my name?" I shouted to the voice in my head.

Watch it guys, we gettin' some edge in our Kingdom Hearts.

"Wolf, my name is Kathrine, I was told by the Creator himself that you were coming to my realm." The new voice, dubbed Katrine, said in my head.

Rude. She just said her name was Katherine, Wolf.

"But…bu….b… what….How did you…"
"Read your thoughts? Well….. I'm a goddess sent by Zeus." Reveling her true nature to me.

Ugh, what is with these Greek gods, always revelling in their divin... wait a minute, Katherine? Zeus' daughter? What?

"Wait, as in the Greek god of thunder and the king of all Greek gods?" I said, now both confused and now skeptical.

Yeah, I'm with Wolf here. Who the hell is Katherine?

She now looks straight at me, while still being a goddess herself, looks at me and blushes a little.

Oh goody, the supposed goddess is already in love with self-insert, with less reasoning given than your standard harem anime protagonist. I like how it had to reassure the reader she was totally still a goddess, too.

 "Did she just blush about me? Uh what the hell did I do to make her do that?"

Even Wolf is calling bullshit!

Shaking her thoughts she now proceeds to asks me if I have any sorts of skills.

It was nice of the Creator to not inform Katherine of any important info on this super special individual.

"Well…." I began saying to her. "Uh, well I'm pretty decent with the Bow and Arrow, I'm also pretty good at Parkour."

What an odd set of abilities for a librarian to have.

So with that my friends I bring to you my start of a journey in which I find love from a girl and maybe a goddess,

How strange that the summary advertises OCxOlette because no one ever ships her, yet he seems to be going the harem route here.

 fight an evil that could be rising (even though at the time I didn't know it and Kathrine hasn't told me at that point in time.), and maybe get into a whole lot of trouble with different characters of different worlds.

For that matter, wasn't he supposed to move to Destiny Islands? And somehow not know he was from Earth? Did the author just completely forget his own summary in the time it took to write the chapters?

"Wolf? Who are you talking to?" Kathrine inquired about my thoughts.
"Uh no one…..." I said to the confused goddess of Zeus.

And what's the point of narrating to the audience like this? Are you sudden;y self-aware?!

Well, that's that. This, uh... was there even a single Kingdom Hearts related subject anywhere in this fanfiction? Outside of the summary, there's virtually no mention of the characters - well, according to one of the notes, Sora and Pals will cameo at some point, but beyond that, there's nothing that fits the setting at all here.

You'd think with all the children Zeus has, using an actual daughter of his would be simple enough to do, so why invent a new one? Was it too weird to make Aphrodite a harem member? And for that matter, are these the same gods from Hercules' setting? I get the strange feeling they won't be.

I suppose the one silver lining is that this story hasn't gotten to the Olette shipping yet. 

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